Exam Dates Summer 2019

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The following exam dates are relevant for the lectures that our chair organizes:

Statistik: Exam, 13.08.2019, 14:00h, various rooms

Datenermittlung: Exam, 20.08.2019, 9:00h, EWF H 1041

Empirical Finance: Exam, 19.08.2019, 9:00h, FG 0.016

Angewandte Analyse von Zeitreihen und Finanzmarktdaten: Oral exam, 23.07.2019, ab 9:10h, LG 4.109

Multivariate Zeitreihenanalyse: Oral exam, 17.09.2019, ab 9:00h, LG 4.109

Bayesian Econometrics: Oral exam, 18.09.2019, ab 9:00h, LG 4.109

Software reliability: Oral exam, 24.09.2019, from 18:00 Uhr (more details please see on: mein campus), LG 5.430