Master’s Theses

Information on Master’s Theses

  • You can earn a total of 30 ECTS for your Bachelor’s thesis. In the case of the Master of Economics 5 of these ECTS are earned by presenting intermediate results of your thesis in our Statistics Seminar; the remaining 25 ECTS are earned by submitting the written thesis.
  • The grade is determined by the final written thesis. The intermediate report is a non-graded program achievement.
  • In the intermediate report you should demonstrate that you familiarized yourself with your chosen topic. That includes an overview of the relevant literature and first empirical results. At this point, your working progress should indicate positive prospects for your thesis project. The presentation is also meant to show that you work independently on your project.
  • You can ask for topics at the chair or you can suggest a topic by your own.


You can talk to us about a potential thesis topic at any time during the semester. We first agree on a working title for your project that you can use to make yourself familiar with the relevant literature, methods, and data. You would also refresh your knowledge about R. This initial period can parallel with your attendance of one of our elective courses. The length of this period is flexible and depends, for instance, on student’s effort.

At the end of the initial period there is an intermediate report about your project that you submit in the form of a presentation in our seminar (45 minutes). This is also when we agree on the final title of your thesis and officially notify the examination office about your thesis.

You then have 6 months to finish your thesis but good work during the initial phase might, of course, lead to a faster submission.

You have to hand in two copies of your thesis at the examination office. In addition you have to submit the electronic version of the thesis. For more information, please consult the examination regulations for our Master programs (especially §29).

After you submitted your thesis we will try to examine it quickly.