Available Topics

Our chair currently offers the following topics for Bachelor’s theses:

  • Are first releases of German national accounts data efficient predictors of final releases?
  • Which approaches exist to estimate potential output and what are the advantages and disadvantages of different methods? A literature review and some applications to German or U.S. data
  • An assessment of macroeconomic density forecasts of private U.S. households based on data from the SCE
  • Big Data for monitoring economic activity in real time – a literature review

Please contact any member of our team to inquire whether there are other proposals for topics or to discuss own suggestions for thesis topics.

Potential topics should be related to the content of the Bachelor courses „Analysis of Macroeconomic and Financial Markets Data“ or „Empirical Finance“. In special cases there might also be suitable topics that you can work on based exclusively on knowledge obtained by following the mandatory courses „Statistik“ or “Data Science: Datenauswertung”/”Data Science: Statistik”, respectively.