Econometrics Seminar


There have been many discussions about “the replication crisis” in empirical research in economics, the social sciences in general, psychology, and other disciplines. In response, there have been a number of efforts to improve the standards of empirical economic research and to increase the number of replication attempts of research papers.

In this seminar, students will select one empirical research paper from any field in economics and try to replicate its results. This might involve testing published software code, cross-checking published data based on primary data sources, confirming results based on updated data sets, etc.

Students can select papers from the list that is provided in the syllabus or make own suggestions (approval of the supervisor necessary).


The seminar is offered regularly in the summer semester. The course language is English.

There will be a first seminar meeting at the beginning of the semester and a block seminar in July. Students are required to write a seminar paper and to present this paper during the block seminar.

Please note that a registration for the summer semester 2019 is required by e-mail ( Registration is possible until the first seminar meeting on April 23, 2019.


More information about dates, grading, the selection of papers, and the course in general can be found in the syllabus.